One of the chief developers of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM), the generation of mobile phones that could carry data along with voice traffic, it will not be exaggeration of any sort to say that Nokia has truly revolutionized mobile phones and its communications.

The cutting edge style, while may not be up there as high as LG or HTC, attracts a lot of buyers. For instance, the unique button less look of N9 has been a rage among mobile phone enthusiasts. Apart from the power and volume control buttons on the side, there are no buttons on the sleek phone. Going to every corner of your phone without pressing an actual button makes the smartphone experience truly smart and a lot of critics are of the opinion that this futuristic design will definitely catch up in coming months. Nokia N701 won many hearts with its Gorilla glass display, satin smooth texture and stainless steel derived strength.

When it comes to snapper, there is no disagreement that Nokia knows how to do it. Nokia N8 is equipped with a Carl Zeiss autofocus lens, a brilliant Xenon flash and 12 megapixel camera. Now, if numbers mean anything to you, these impressive accompaniments may turn you into a Nokia fan. It even enables you to switch to HD for a more life-like video experience. Nokia 700 may not match up to the N8 display because of a standard 5 megapixel camera, but the noticeably fast transformation to the crisp, HD version of a photo (just about a second) is applaudable.

Nokia’s trademark Symbian OS has been subjected to many an argument. Staunch Nokia users profess that Symbian is as good as Android, if not better in some respects. However, some argue back that in the Android, the basic operations like default web browsing and integration. Yet, there are some perks Symbian users enjoy over Androiders. The Gmail and Twitter apps run visibly better in Symbian supported smartphones. Another curious feature has just snuck Symbian over the line ahead of Android, according to some. To shut off Android phones, you press and hold a button, a submenu appears, from where you choose the ‘Power off’ option, leading to a confirmation pop up that you must ‘OK’ to actually shut off the phone. Symbian goes easy on you; just hold down the power button. Conversely, the time required for startup is also less for Nokia smartphones than Android phones like Samsung or Sony. However, Nokia has declared that N8 will be the last phone of the N-Series to have Symbian; it will implement Windows 7 from the high-end phones while Nokia N9 runs on Linux mobile operating system. Fans have been disappointed, though, as N9 was slated to have MeeGo but Nokia abandoned the mobile operating system and has declared major tie-up with Microsoft.

Although it has stumbled across a glitch time and again, Nokia has indeed taken mobile phones to the next level by composing a great symphony speedy performance and stylish looks.

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