LG Mobile Phone Reviews

The world’s third largest maker of mobile handsets, LG Electronics has been giving its contemporaries a run for their money since its inception in 1996. The cutting edge features that are incorporated in LG mobiles are nothing short of revolutionary, but perhaps its greatest USP is the affordability. For a number of renowned brands, the price at which LG offers a few smartphones is comparable to their low-end cell phones with less than half the features.

Having said that, there are a number of smartphones that would burn a hole through your pocket, but the experience that they offer are undeniably superb. The LG Optimus 2X P990 is equipped with dual core that measurably advances the mobile experience with smooth transitions between tasks. The NVIDIA Tegra 2, claimed to be the most powerful mobile processor there is today, has decreased the lag before start-up of a new application. Another phone of the Optimus series has even outdone the video experience of this generation of mobile phone. LG Optimus 3D P920 has taken video recording to another level by letting you shoot 3D videos which can be viewed even without 3D glasses. This certainly is good news to those of us who would rather see in plain 2D than squint through those green-and-blue films for hours. Optimus Chic has been embraced by fashion conscious crowd with its sleek design; it has the option of syncing with DLNA devices.

However, there are some aspects where LG has compromised the quality of its cell phones. Although the relatively cheaper phones do look quite classy on the outside, to compensate the highly competitive price, there are some serious flaws with the stuff inside. Almost all the budget Android phones have disappointed the users. The resolutions are more often than not unsatisfactory. Even supposedly “good” Android phone Optimus Me P350 doesn’t support Flash which puts off even the most avid Internet surfers. The cameras have standard VGA recording, but budget phones hardly ever offer outstanding photo quality, despite having decent 3 megapixel cameras. Mediocre battery life is another downside of certain budget phones; hardly a whole day’s activity is supported by a fully charged battery.

LG claims that “(they) don’t make smartphones; (they) make genius phones.” Whether such claim is justified or not is often subjected to argument. But there certainly can’t be any question regarding LG’s complete worldwide success in making a whole new class of phones available to anyone and everyone at quite basic prices.

LG Products we covered

LG Pro C660 Optimus pro little cookie
LG Optimus Net P690

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